Flo Rida’s manager, Lee “Freezy” Prince, will not be attending game 6 of the NBA Finals between the Miami Heat and the visiting San Antonio Spurs. This news comes after Prince was ejected from game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals earlier this month due to a heated exchange with Indiana Pacers’ Jeff Pendergraph.  

Prince has shared that he will not be attending this evening’s game to comply with the wishes of the NBA and the league’s lawyers, who have reportedly contacted him. According to Prince, Flo Rida will not be there either. 

“What I did was no different than what Spike Lee does for the Knicks and what Jack Nicholson does for the Lakers,” he said in a conversation with The Ticket Miami on 104.3, as reported by SB Nation. “The Spurs are just scared, they don’t want that feeling to erupt around them.  Whoever sits in those seats tonight they better represent.”

When asked about Flo Rida’s attendance, Prince explained that they “ride together.” 

That was not the case when Prince was ejected earlier in June. During that game, Flo Rida reportedly asked Prince to leave at the request of security personnel. Rida then stayed in his seat to continue watching the game. Footage of that can be seen below.

Game 6 is a pivotal one in the series with the San Antonio Spurs currently leading three games to two. This game could crown the Spurs NBA champions or extend the series to a final seventh game. Game 6 and the potential game 7 are scheduled to take place in Miami’s American Airlines Arena. 

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