Songstress Beyoncé has settled a $100 million lawsuit against video game company Gate Five.

According to the NY Post and papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court today, lawyers for the singer and for the gaming company signed an agreement dismissing “all claims or counterclaims” without attorneys’ fees.

Gate Five’s lawyer, Peter Gallagher said the two “settled amicably” but couldn’t discuss the terms of the settlement.

Beyoncé was sued by the video game company back in 2011 for allegedly backing out of a deal for a motion-capture dance game called Staypower: Beyoncé.

She had apparently ditched the deal just before the winter holidays, claiming that the gaming outfit hadn’t secured promised funding. Gate Five countered that Beyoncé had dropped the deal on a whim. The origional lawsuit also described Beyoncé as “too erratic to do business with.”

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