One of the year’s most talked about R&B singles has been Kelly Rowland’s “Dirty Laundry.” Recently, The-Dream, who penned the song for Rowland, spoke about how he wrote the deeply personal track for Kelly’s Talk a Good Game release. 

The song’s personal nature has received critical praise. It details Rowland’s past in an abusive relationship and her jealousy of longtime friend and Destiny’s Child partner, Beyoncé

“When you’re watching Bey, of course that’s my sister, and when you watch Kelly and this love that they have for each other, it had to be hard at one point, when I knew that you guys were not as close as you was for a certain reason. Whatever the reason was, it had to be hard,” The-Dream shared in an interview with Power 99.  

The-Dream continued, saying that he has seen the relationship transition into a more positive one of late, which made him interested in writing about the dynamics of their friendship.  

“Then to watch you guys now, great together, watching [Beyoncé’s daughter] Blue, watch you play with Blue, take pictures and go back and forth and then enjoy this certain part of each other’s lives…I wrote from that aspect of that hurt,” he continued. “I took that emotion and pain in those times where it was just a dark period where none of us knew what was going on. I said, ‘That’s interesting. Let me see.’ Then I did my own little detective work.” 

In the clip below, The-Dream also talks about how much Beyonce loved the track. According to Dream, Bey had “love” for the song and thought it was “amazing.”

Talk about “Dirty Laundry” has been constant since it was revealed. Recently, Rowland had to shoot down rumors of a longstanding feud between her and Beyoncé because of the song, confirming what The-Dream shared above. “She looked at me and said it’s incredible,” Kelly told Yahoo! in an exclusive recently. “[Beyoncé] said how proud she was of me and then said, ‘I never left.’ And I just oh, man. It was so true she never left. I checked out for a minute.” Bey actually appears on “You Changed” off Talk a Good Game, a song that also features Michelle Williams.

The-Dream also has his own album to promote with IV Play. Recently, Def Jam released some of the album’s cuts on Vevo for listeners. Those songs can be heard here, with more information on the project

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