Gucci Mane and Marilyn Manson have recorded a song together, which may be included on the rapper’s forthcoming MR.GUWOP album that the rapper announced on Twitter today. “Fancy Bitch” features a hook written by Mason and a rap verse by the rocker, too, according to

The pair recorded the track March 14 after the Los Angeles premier of Spring Breakers, the film starring James Franco, Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens that arrived in theaters March 22. Gucci portrays Archie in the film, marking his first role in a major motion picture.

Gucci and Manson worked on the song until 6 am after enjoying the Spring Breakers screening. “After we did the red carpet and watched the movie, me and him went to the studio and made us a record,” Gucci says in the interview with The Fader. “That’s the day that we met and began being friends. He’s cool as hell. I fuck with him hard. He ain’t the averagest white boy. He got swag. Me and him together, he don’t get on my nerves. I can stomach being around him. He cool.”

Gucci revealed interest in Mason in 2009 when he rapped on the song “Overboard,” “In my mansion / Listening to Marilyn Manson.” Mason has appeared with high-profile rappers before. He collaborated with DMX on “The Omen” in 1998 and with Eminem two years later on an alternate version of “The Way I Am.” 

MR.GUWOP is slated to arrive in the fall, as per Gucci.

Gucci is also prepping for the July 2 release date of his “Trap House III” mixtape and is dealing with a host of legal issues, including an assault charge.

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