SMACK/URL has announced its Night Of Main Events 3 battle. The event is scheduled to take place June 23 at Stage 48 in New York, New York. Tickets are available at www.urltv.tvNOME 3, as the event is also known, is slated to feature battle rap favorites Hollow Da Don, Conceited, Charlie Clips, T-Rex, Tsu Surf and Hitman Holla, among others.

Big-T is slated to match up against K-Shine. “There’s no part of rap I can’t do,” Chicago rapper Big-T says in a documentary video about the forthcoming event. “There’s no part of this battling thing I can’t do. You want to go to bars, you want to go to delivery, you want to go to performance, I got it all.” “There’s nobody that can fuck with K-Shine,” says K-Shine, who compares his opponent to Mike Jones at the end of the video. In true battle rap fashion, Big-T also offers his opponent a taste of what’s to come during their match, while including a back-handed compliment, too. “I’m a go ahead and go smack him around a little bit,” Big-T says of his opponent, Harlem, New York rapper K-Shine. “He’s on his little run, but what is he?”  

The other artists are also oozing with confidence. “Yeah, I’m going to win,” St. Louis rapper Hitman Holla says of his pending battle against Brooklyn, New York rapper Conceited. “Just for the simple fact I can’t lose to a nigga my son height…I can’t let my son see me lose to a nigga that’s 4’1″.” For his part, Conceited says the battle will make Holla feel like he’s actually been hit. “When I hit ’em with those punchlines, he’s gonna feel like he’s got punched,” says Conceited, who gives Holla a zero percent chance of winning. “He’s gone sit there and feel like, ‘Goddamn. I never been hit like that before.”

Other bouts include St. Louis rapper B Magic facing Harlem, New York’s Charlie Clips; Newark, New Jersey’s Tsu Surf squaring off against Queens, New York’s Hollow Da Don, who is marking his return to action; and Dizaster against T-Rex. 

“Ya’ll ’bout to see some shit,” says Queens, New York rapper DNA, “ya’ll never seen before.” DNA is slated to face off against Boston’s Chilla Jones, who says he’s looking forward to battling a name act like DNA

SMACK, which stands for Streets, Music, Arts, Culture, Knowledge, is the brainchild of Troy “Smack” Mitchell, who has been developing the rap battle platform since 2002 through the SMACK DVD series and rap battle events. SMACK launched the Ultimate Rap League, or URL, in 2009.

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