The mother of Andre 3000 has passed away, according to A representative for the musician and actor confirmed to Billboard that Sharon Benjamin-Hodo is dead. 

She was found dead in her Atlanta home Monday (May 27) on Andre’s thirty-eighth birthday, according to unconfirmed reports, according to the Billboard story.

Andre 3000’s mother was the founder of The Starlight Camp for underprivileged children, which operated out of the New Morning Light Missionary Baptist Church in Conley, Georgia.

HipHopDX extends its prayers and condolences to the family of Sharon Benjamin-Hodo.

(May 29)

UPDATE: Although the members of OutKast rarely rap in detail about their families, Andre 3000 had the song “She’s Alive” on the group’s 2003 album, Speakerboxxx/The Love Below. Some critics speculated that the cut is about Andre’s mother. Andre, who was born in 1975, sings on the song, “A boy to raise / At a young age / No help from him.”

Several of OutKast’s collaborators have extended their condolences to Andre 3000.

EDITOR’S NOTE: It was brought to our attention earlier today by our readers that this article’s original headline was insensitive, and in conjunction with the light coverage within the article, did not treat the subject matter with the appropriate gravitas and respect that it was due. In addition, we also failed to extend our condolences to André Benjamin and his family, a standard practice in all of our reporting on similar topics. We’ve updated this article and its headline so that it more closely aligns with our standards for journalism and professionalism, and we are deeply sorry for any insensitivity or harm our work may have caused our audience, including the Benjamin family.

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