Raekwon has collaborated with clothing line Akomplice on a new belt. The Akomplice x Raekwon leather Pelican Belt is made of premium black and brown leather, as well as an intricate brass fastening system, according to Akomplice. It will be available at the company’s webstore June 1 and is a limited to a 25-piece production run.

The belt’s packaging is a wooden cigar box, an homage of sorts to the Wu-Tang Clan member’s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… series of albums, which launched in 1995. The belt features Raekwon’s name laser-etched onto the leather and also has the Akomplice logo embossed onto the belt. 

Raekwon and Akomplice also released a T-shirt in 2008

Akomplice also used woodwork and etching on its DOOM Mystery Box, which arrived in 2011.

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