With the release of their “Takeover” card, King of the Dot has announced a battle event set for June 28, 2013 in Sherman Oaks, California. Leading the way for King of the Dot in Cali is Lush One. Lush shared some of the history behind their latest main event match-up between Dizaster and Cortez in an exclusive to HipHopDX. 

“God, there’s been so much coastal rivalries and petty ego-driven disputes throughout the years. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment [that began the feud between Dizaster and Cortez],” Lush explained. “Diz and Tez are both not only major and visible representatives of their specific hometowns, they both capitalized very well off of their initial burst of fame through Grind Time. I remember when I was setting up the [2010] M.O.B. event and both Cortez as well as DNA were on the card. Tez was supposed to battle Marv Won and DNA had Quest McCody. Due to what I considered faulty and opportunistic decisions by their management at the time, Tez and DNA backed out of the battle after public announcements had been made and travel had been arranged and paid for for Quest and Marv. That added to the animosity that was already brewing between the battlers in the Fresh Coast and Grind Time East Coast divisions.” 

According to Lush, the problems continued between Dizaster and DNA but it spilled over into an on-going feud with Cortez. 

“DNA and Diz were goin’ at it and Tez was gettin involved due to his affiliation with DNA.  We had set up Diz and Tez to battle at an event in the summer of 2011, as Grind Time was really falling apart and at it’s lowest point yet, although as we’ve seen, its gotten considerably worse since then. I was on tour in Europe with Chinese Man, the French Trip Hop label Plex Rock and I work with and the guys spearheading the event in my absence kind of dropped the ball. It’s my fault too though for putting others in a position they weren’t ready for so I assume the responsibility at the end of the day. Regardless, the battle never went down but the incessant shit-talking, hilarious blogs and back and forth Twitter wars have never stopped. I think they both have a point to prove to each other and now is the perfect time to get it poppin’. They were both super wit’ it.” 

Some of the shots aimed at Cortez can be viewed in the DNA/Dizaster battle, as noted. The shots were also used in the trailer video for the “Takeover” event. The battle, which appeared on King of the Dot and was co-hosted by Drake, can be seen below.

Cortez has thrown his own shots at Dizaster in the past. One of the more notable instances appeared during a 2010 Grind Time battle between Dizaster and Swave Sevah. In the battle, Cortez assisted Sevah and pretended to be Dizaster for a portion of a round. That battle can be viewed below. 

“Takeover” will also feature battles between The Deadman and Thesaurus, J. Pro and J.C. and KG The Poet and Daylyt. It will take place in Sherman Oaks, California at The Basement 818. Regarding the bill, Lush also explained that it was strategically put together by a team of individuals working to ensure there is longevity in the Fresh Coast and King of the Dot.

“We have literally an international think tank of decade-plus-deep-in-the-game veteranos plottin’ and schemin’. Between Malathion holding down the Ground Zero and tryout battles, Mix 62 on the street promotion, Avocado, Thesis, and Krooked doing the visual work, J Pro, Aspect One and myself setting up matches under the guidance of Organik, King Fly, Avi, and Gully in Toronto as well as Sketch Menace in Calgary and La Sparka in Vancouver. We all collaborated and worked hard together to pick the best possible matches to help sustain longevity for the division and build up new talent. People want to see new cats come up and we gotta show the young’ns they have a future in this game. We ain’t finna act like elitist dinosaur-snob-ass-fuck-boys.

The trailer for “Takeover” can be viewed below, courtesy of KOTD. Pay-per-view access is available for fans unable to attend the event. The $15 pay-per-view battles will be available to view on June 29, the day after the event takes place. Tickets for the actual event can be purchased now at King of the Dot

The battle event will also coincide with an album release on King of the Dot Records.

“We are also using this event to promote the music that these battlers make and show multiple dimensions of their abilities,” Lush added. “The third installment of the Fresh Coast Non Perishables [series] will be dropping in conjunction with this event and is the first release under King Of The Dot Records. All proceeds from the sales will fund future Fresh Coast battle events. The previous two projects are two of the most successful projects I’ve been a part of due to the progressive marketing strategy of putting ads on the videos. We were the first to do that in the battle game and the most successful and we make the best music.”

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