Dizzy Wright plans to stay the course. The Funk Volume rapper says he has no plans to sign with a major label in an interview with XclusivesZoneMedia.

“Nah. I just plan on building off of what I got right now, building off of momentum and just doin’ what I’ve been doin’,” the Las Vegas rapper says. “I’m just working hard. I’m taking the slow route. That’s cool with me.” 

Dizzy Wright is on tour and is slated to perform at Kingdom in Richmond, Virginia tonight (May 24). The 2013 XXL Freshman is also preparing for the July release of his The Golden Age mixtape and adjusting to life as a father.

“That shit humbles you and settles you down,” says Dizzy Wright, father of an infant daughter, a topic he discusses on his “Killem Wit Kindness” single. “I needed that kind of love in my life just ‘cause I became a salty-ass nigga. So I expressed that in my music, just stepping back and just learning from everything and not being so salty, just thinking about all my actions and everything that I was doing.” 

As what type of material will be included on The Golden Age, Wright says his musical output is a continual work-in-progress that includes a number of different styles. “If it’s too far out of my reach, I’m not going to fuck with it ’cause I’m not going to do it if I don’t feel comfortable doing it,” he says. “A lot of my music is growing stages, so I mean if you want to see how I became who I am now, you could go back and you could just really get that experience.”

Moving forward, Dizzy Wright has a noteworthy list of artists with whom he’d like to collaborate. He says he’s like to get Nas and Damian Marley together on a track and also record a song with Andre 3000. Then there’s his wish to do a cut with Lauryn HIll and Wyclef Jean. Even though he was recently in the studio with the latter, Wright says getting the two Fugees members on one of his own songs “would probably never, never happen.”

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