Ludacris’ I Don’t Give A Fuck track “Mad For” has yet to hit airwaves and already a number of assumptions are being made in regards to the song due to the artists featured on the record. Among those assumptions are claims that the song targets Young Money rapper/singer Drake.

Ludacris, who previously had his own issues with Drake, is joined by Chris Brown, Meek Mill and Pusha T on “Mad For.” Chris Brown and Pusha T have both had their differences with Drake while Meek Mill was momentarily brought into last year’s debacle between Drake and Chris Brown.

According to Ludacris, who was momentarily caught off guard when asked if “Mad For” was about Drake, the artists featured on the song and their issues with the Young Money artist are merely coincidence.

“I didn’t even think about that…Man listen, I don’t tell other artists how to write. I just basically—they go off what they feel and they write what they wanna write on there,” Ludacris explained. “That’s just how Hip Hop is man. You write to what you feel. So, make no assumptions, just listen to the track. You can make your own assumptions, but I definitely would never make assumptions just based off who’s featured on a record…I’m not talking to anyone specific.”

Ludacris later spoke on the creation of “Mad For” and shared that the features came about organically as Meek Mill, Pusha T, and others hopped on board after hearing the song in the studio.

“The ‘Mad For’ record, a lot of people, a lot of different artists heard it while we was just in the studio vibing and wanted to get on it. Everybody from Chris Brown to Swizz Beatz—to Meek Mill, Pusha T, everybody,” said the rapper.

Ludacris’ I Don’t Give A Fuck mixtape will be released on May 24.

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