The family of a third-grader in Chicago may be forced to leave their home due to threats the eight-year-old reportedly received from teen rapper Lil Mouse. FOX 32 News reports that the boy’s grandmother contacted authorities immediately after she received word that her grandson had been slapped and threatened by Lil Mouse.

“The students, the eighth graders have grouped up together…made a phone call and said he’s snitching, He need to get killed for snitching…One of the young men’s’ father threatened me outside the school. I wanna move [cause] he threatened me and I believe that he’s going to go through with it,” the woman revealed to Chicago’s FOX 32 News.

Following the incident last week, Lil Mouse was questioned by police and also charged with assault.

The third-grader has been granted an emergency transfer from the school, but his grandmother, whose son was killed in 2009, hopes to fully remove her family from the situation.

“I wanna pack up and just go. I’ve already lost one child and I don’t want to lose another one,” the woman shared.

Lil Mouse, who boasts affiliation with fellow Windy City rapper Chief Keef, garnered buzz last year thanks to the release of “Get Smoked” a record that went on to receive a co-sign from Lil Wayne in the form of a remix.

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