Mere days after it was reported that Chicago emcee Lupe Fiasco was forced to hand over his Twitter account to his management following controversial remarks made in regards to Marxism and its place in today’s society, the rapper has returned to the social networking site to refute those claims.

According to, following comments Lupe made in regards to Marxism, a Tweet made from his account on behalf of his management team shared this announcement with Lupe fans: “Gotta love his lively way with twitter but sadly he’s gonna be taking a break to focus on other things.”

Despite the announcement from his management team, Lupe returned to Twitter today (May 15) and expressed his confusion in the matter and also stressed that his account wasn’t taken over due to any of his remarks on Marxism and that he’s instead taking time to focus on music.

Lupe later revealed his plans for #PhilosophySunday before again making his exit from the site.

Not one to shy away from sharing his thoughts on current events, Lupe has used Twitter to share his opinion on everything from gun violence in music to President Barack Obama.

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