Pras hasn’t spoken to Lauryn Hill since she was sentenced to three months in prison for tax evasion last week (May 6), but he said he reached out to his fellow Fugee member. “Nah, I haven’t spoken to her,” Pras said during an interview with TMZ. “But I did leave a call for her. So, you know, if she gets back to me, then you know. I wanted to just reach out to her and be like, ‘Yo, whatever you need, I got your back.'”

Pras also said that he doubts Hill will serve her entire sentence. “I doubt if she’s gonna do three months, though,” he said. “Nah. Listen, if Lindsay Lohan doesn’t do any time, why would she do time? You feel me?”

As for other matters, Pras said he is doing well. “Everything’s great,” he said. “Great. Yeah, you know, I’m good. You know what? I ain’t got no tax problems, that’s what it’s all about. You gotta stay away from that.” 

Pras didn’t seem too confident about a Fugees reunion, though. “I don’t know about that,” he said.

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