This week, Naughty By Nature aired out their feud for the public to see. The pair exchanged tweets and Treach decided to hit the recording booth for “Tall Midget” before saying Vin Rock never wrote a hit for the group. In other news, Chief Keef announced his partnership with Gucci Mane before Gucci’s “Darker” was released. Finally, Chance The Rapper earned himself some critical praise and talked about what it was like to rap while using acid

Treach & Vin Rock Make Their Naughty By Nature Beef Public

Longtime partners-in-rhyme through Naughty By NatureVin Rock and Treach made their feud public this week. This was noted when Treach unleashed a tweet on May 6, claiming that Vin was “fired” from the group. Vinnie responded by saying that “you can’t fire the owner.” Their Twitter updates are below.

This week, Treach also released “Tall Midget,” a diss for Vin Rock. He also claimed that Vin “never wrote one hit” for the group. Despite their feud, the two will continue touring and will even perform with The Roots at this year’s Roots picnic.

Chief Keef Links Up With Gucci Mane’s Brick Squad, Forms 1017 Glo Gang

This week, Chief Keef made it official and joined Gucci Mane’s Brick Squad. In linking up with Gucci Mane’s crew, Keef also joined the likes of OJ Da Juiceman and Young Scooter. Gucci and Keef also announced the formation of 1017 Glo Gang, a hybrid of both artists’ imprints. The announcement of Keef joining Brick Squad can be found below, courtesy of Gucci’s Twitter account.

The duo also released “Darker,” with Keef supporting Gucci on the track off of Traphouse 3.

Chance The Rapper Earns “Free Album” Rating For Acid Rap

With the release of his latest offering, “Acid Rap,” Chance The Rapper earned himself a “Free Album” rating from HipHopDX. That is the highest praise possible for a mixtape on the site. Chance followed this news up by talking about how much acid was involved in making “Acid Rap.” 

According to Chance, there “was a lot of acid involved in ‘Acid Rap.'”

“No, it’s not hard to rap on acid,” he shared. “But it wasn’t the biggest component at all. It was something that I was really interested in for a long time during the making of the tape, but it’s not necessarily a huge faction at all. It was more so just a booster, a bit of fuel. It’s an allegory to acid, more so than just a tape about acid.”

Earlier this month, Chance spoke about what it was like to write while taking acid. He shared this with HipHopDX, telling Dan Rys that it was actually more “sporadic” to rap while using acid. 

“It’s a lot more sporadic,” he shared with Rys. “It’s not as easy because you don’t always have that spark. And I have ADD, so I’m all over the place anyway. But it was a great experience because it was at a time where I was going through so many changes in life. Shit was moving so fast for me, and I wanted to just not be worried about anything. It kind of just like opened up my mind and allowed me to think deeper about stuff, but also to not be as confined to one way of thinking. ‘Cause I was fucked up on acid. The project’s not necessarily a whole spiel on how people should do acid as much as people should just think differently about stuff and look at every situation that comes into life from as many different angles as possible.”

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