As part of an interview series for SXSW, Queens rapper 50 Cent kept it relatively candid as he spoke on the state of Hip Hop and music in general. The G-Unit rapper even revealed that as far as sales are concerned, he’ll never top the success of his debut album Get Rich Or Die Tryin’.

Despite the severe decline in album sales across various genres, 50 Cent spoke on accepting this new musical climate and elaborated on the feeling he gets when making new music.

“Newsflash, I’ll never sell 13 million records again,” said 50 Cent. “I’ll never sell 10 million records again. I don’t think anybody’s gonna do it. It’s a different business. It’s a different thing and I’m cool with that. I’m making music because I love it and it’s why I’m here. There’s nothing that can actually compare when it’s right. What it feels like when it’s right. When the music is just dead right and it’s like ‘woo’ that energy that’s there…that’s some special kind of high that you get addicted to and you’ll chase it for the rest of your actual career.”

Fellow rapper Eminem was also brought up during the conversation as 50 Cent touched on the lack of rappers who are also able to song write and pointed out Em as an artist who has in fact succeeded in taking on songwriting.

“I think the best rappers are like battling each other. They come up with the wittiest lines—[the] coolest ways to insult a person you ever heard in your life,” 50 Cent explained. “But they can’t write a song to save they life…Em is one of the guys from that platform that made it to that point. [He’s] that strong of a writer. He means more to music culture than people give him credit for. Because Hip Hop culture is a black art form, it’s a black music. When they have a figure or you have someone that’s from a different ethnicity come in and he does it as well, if not better than everybody in it—it loses its color. And that’s why Hip Hop music is now Pop music…You gotta be careful or you’ll get your ass handed to you on a track man. He’ll get to you.”

The full interview with 50 Cent can be found below.

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