After the passing of Guru in 2010, his former producer Solar was criticized by many, including members of Guru’s family. Solar was criticized for being controlling, “manipulative” and abusive. He also responded to questions about a potential homosexual relationship with Guru. Recently, Solar talked about the criticism he has faced and discussed these rumors, which he has called “disgusting and obscene.”

In his interview with Suzanne Biello of GID Radio’s SB Show, Solar talked about those who criticized him. Specifically, he responded to critics like ?uestlove, Bumpy Knuckles and Guru’s Gang Starr partner, DJ Premier.

“What I said to all them back then, I’ll say again,” Solar began. “Before they should have been saying anything in the media, they should have been talking to me directly. Come and get the story from me. I’m the only one who knows. Nobody else was there. Don’t make assumptions. Don’t guess. Certainly don’t take those assumptions and guesses and feed it to the public like it’s fact.”

Solar then explained that his phone is open to ?uest, Knuckles and Premier. He followed this up by saying that many of his critics need to “come clean.”

“I think people should come clean,” Solar continued. “I think they should step up, man up and come clean. Be a man and own up. You lied and misled the people for reasons that are only known to yourselves. It has nothing to do with the music you make or whatever but you did this. That man couldn’t defend himself and I’m sitting here defending him. And I’ll be damned if I’ma let anybody kick any more dirt on my name or Guru’s name from here on in. That’s over. For real.”

Solar also explained why he has not worked with many others since Guru’s passing. 

“I just really needed to take some time to mourn Guru,” he noted. “I lost my brother. It was very difficult to come to terms with losing somebody so great, that was so important, not only to myself, but to the world. To complicate the matters more, of course, is the crazy rumors, in most cases, the disgusting and obscene rumors, that were going around.” 

Solar talked about these rumors in 2010. In an interview with MTV’s Sway Calloway, Solar said that the rumors of a romantic relationship with Guru were “completely unfounded and untrue.” He said the notion of him being abusive to Guru was “idiotic.” More of this 2010 interview can be viewed below.  

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