Following last Friday’s (May 3) arrest, DJ Mister Cee appeared on HOT 97’s morning show earlier today to speak out on the incident he believes was “a sting operation.” While speaking with program director Ebro Darden, the radio personality was quick to strike down rumors made in regards to his sexuality.

“I am not gay…They tried to turn it around and say the female officer was a male officer. It was a sting operation,” said Mister Cee, according to MTV News.

Late last week, the famed deejay was arrested in New York City after allegedly soliciting sex from an undercover male police officer posing as a prostitute.

Despite proclaiming that he is not a gay man, Mister Cee went on to state that if he was in fact lying about his sexuality then it’s his choice to do so.

“Let’s say if I’m lying, that’s my choice. If I’m lying and I chose not to come out, that’s my choice,” Mister Cee revealed.

Mister Cee found himself in a similar situation back in 2011 when he plead guilty to public lewdness and exposure charges after being arrested for allegedly engaging in a sexual act with a man in a parked car.

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