With his most recent mixtape, King Remembered In Time, Mississippi spitter Big K.R.I.T. revealed that he was hoping to make a return to the essence of his music with the release of the free project. K.R.I.T. recently chopped it up with Ambrosia For Heads and addressed the mixtape after being questioned about his purpose in life.

“Just to help people,” the rapper revealed. “I think at some point I think you get caught up with the business. You get caught up with the hustle of it all and grinding and you forget that the whole reason is just so people can hear your music. That’s all I wanted. So, this was me remembering that and aside from clearing the samples, aside from the paperwork, let’s get back to me just rapping. I just want to hear people play it in they car. I got back to that mind frame and that’s why it took a long time working on this project.”

K.R.I.T. also provided a breakdown of the name of the mixtape, which references the acronym in his stagename. According to the Meridian, Mississippi rapper, the title was chosen before the release of King Remembered In Time and ultimately was a branding decision made on his part.

“One, it brands the name. Two, K.R.I.T. Wuz Here was—my introduction for a lot of people,” said K.R.I.T. “I think that name itself, before people even knew what K.R.I.T. stood for, was just so big. And so it’s almost like coming back around in my mind with K.R.I.T. Wuz Here Part 2. Instead of the Wuz Here, you know what this name means so let me really brand it King Remembered In Time. I’mma be a king and you can’t denounce my bloodline. I’m here. And so that’s what that was really about. Me standing up and proving that and showing that and believing in myself.”

King Remembered In Time was released last month and serves as the follow-up to Big K.R.I.T.’s 4Eva N’ A Day.

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