Maybach Music Group head honcho Rick Ross has likely faced numerous comparisons in his music career, but the latest comparison, made by crooner John Legend, is surely a first for the rapper. During a recent appearance on the Russ Parr Morning Show, Legend compared Ross to the late soul icon Isaac Hayes.

Legend backed his comparison by stating that Ross is very similar to “a soul artist” thanks to the way in which he uses his voice on records.

“I feel like Rick Ross is kinda like a soul artist in a way because the way he uses music is very soulful. I was listening to his album yesterday and he just knows how to pick the right music to put around his voice. He has a very soulful voice. He’s almost like an Isaac Hayes of Hip Hop or something,” Legend explained.

As an artist experienced in songwriting, Legend also touched on the struggles songwriters typically face in their careers, which he says they don’t have “much control over.”

“The thing about being a songwriter is you’re working for someone else,” said the singer. “They’re your client and you gotta hope that they pick your song. You gotta hope that they make it a single. You gotta hope all these things. And you don’t have as much control over your destiny.”

John Legend is currently at work on his next studio album, Love In The Future.

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