Before the upcoming May 21 release of French Montana’s debut album, Excuse My French, a select few including Snoop Lion were recently able to preview the project. And the Reincarnated rapper had nothing but positive words for Montana’s long-delayed debut.

The Morocco-born rapper served as the latest artist to appear on Snoop’s Double G News Network and spoke briefly on his album’s release later this month before Snoop chimed in with his praise.

“You got one of the hottest records that’s finna come out this year. I’mma tell you no lie,” said Snoop. “When I sat up in that mothafucka and I heard it and I felt it and I seen the energy and the way your shit kick off and the way it do what it do. And then what you got right now, you got a good fan base right now that’s already on standby. Nigga’s is like this waiting for you to come with some more heat,” said Snoop with arms outstretched. “Yo shit is hot to death.”

Prior to receiving Snoop’s approval, Montana shared the details of how he received his stage name, which he says combines his early years in Morocco and the street life he experienced here in the United States.

“I was born in Morocco, Africa and I came here when I was young. So, they had the whole French background back there and the whole Muslim thing going on so I came up with that,” the rapper revealed. “And, you know, the Montana just came from hustling. You gotta get it how you get it. And it was just something I was stuck with.”

Set for release later this month, Excuse My French will boast appearances from The Weeknd, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, and more.

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