Snoop Lion was recently asked to speak about the differences between Gangsta Rap in the ’90s and Hip Hop today. The artist formerly known as Snoop Dogg explained that a rapper’s credibility was more scrutinized in the past.

“It’s not real,” Snoop said of a lot of today’s content. “Where I come from, we got put on a set. I had to walk down the line and fight three or four of my homies for two, three or four minutes and then go do something and then go do something again and now, I’m in the hood. Nowadays, you can just say this is where you from. You ain’t got put on, you ain’t got no resume, you ain’t got no TRW. We ain’t got no backtrackin’ to even say who you are and what you were. Where I come from, you had to do things to create a name for yourself and visibly do things, even if it was negative. But you had to put in work. Nowadays, the only work you gotta put on is make a record. The record is your work.”

“When we got in the game, they did all kinds of research to see: Is he really from this gang? Is he really this? Did he really do this? And if there was one mark against you being fake or false, you was out of the game,” he continued.  

More from this interview with Sway in the Morning can be viewed below.

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