Yukmouth usually makes his opinion controversial and known. Recently a guest on Prezident Bejda’s Murder Master Music Show on UGS Radio, Yuk spoke on his Plies diss track and claims he stole the name “Regime.”

When asked about his thoughts on Lil Wayne and other rappers wearing women’s clothes, Yukmouth’s opinion became very clear.

“I just think the whole industry is hella gay right now,” he said. “It’s like the more gayer you are, the more skinnier your jeans in, the more corny you are the more you win!”

He also went on to give a specific example of why he says he believes the rap game is “gay.”

“Trinidad James, I don’t give a fuck that first video he was gay as shit!” he said.

Yukmouth recently spoke on radio about the origion of his beef with Plies and why he calls him “fake.” He is also no stranger to beef. From his verbal exchange with Game to his feud with Master P back in 1995 the Bay Area emcee always speaks his mind.

Hear the full interview below (via UGS Radio):

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