Earlier this month, two members of Brick Squad 1017 were arrested and incarcerated in Atlanta, Georgia’s nearby DeKalb County. Brick Squad’s founder and leader, Gucci Mane was arrested for a probation violation on April 12. The event came less than 24 hours after Gucci was released on $75,000 bond, from Fulton County Jail, as he awaits trial on a aggravated assault charge. Amidst those reports, it was also revealed that BS1017 affiliate Young Scooter was also arrested, on April 8, for his own probation violation during a traffic stop.

MTV Rap Fix has learned that the two collaborators are believed to be sharing a cell at DeKalb County Jail. Earlier this year, they released Free Bricks 2, a free mixtape. The report did not specify the cell-size, which could hold many inmates at one time.

Both rapper’s releases are unclear at this time.

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