Today, the RIAA confirmed March certifications. Among them was Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania emcee Mac Miller’s breakout hit “Donald Trump.” The Rostrum Records single appeared on Miller’s March, 2011 mixtape Best Day Ever. Subsequently released digitally, the song—produced by Newark, Delaware’s SAP—exceeded 1,000,000 in sales. The song was not included on Mac’s 2011 debut, Blue Slide Park.

“Donald Trump” marks Mac’s first platinum award. The song was certified gold in the closing days of 2011. Its namesake, investor and politician Donald Trump threatened, via Twitter, to sue the emcee/producer earlier this year, asking for many in lieu of the gold plaque. He also referred to the rapper as “Little Mac Miller” repeatedly. Miller responded via Twitter that he did not “want ti put any more negative energy into the world,” and asked the Trump Towers founder to “be friends.” Previously, in mid-2011, a supportive Trump branded Mac, “the next Eminem.”

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