Ronnie Brunswijk, a rebel leader in Suriname, South America reportedly took time to announce his plans on running for presidency during a Rick Ross concert at the country’s Andre Kamperveen stadium last week. According to, the concert was almost boycotted by Suriname locals who found the rappers lyrical content offensive.

The rebel leader, who received the backing of Ross, announced his plans on running for presidency following the Maybach Music Group founder’s performance and went on to throw hundred-dollar bills at the audience.

“If the bank is coming for your house, call me. If you need a few hundred dollars, call me,” said Brunswijk, according to the Caricom News Network.

Brunswijk has garnered quite the notorious reputation in Suriname and abroad. The presidential hopeful was one of several men who took part in a physical brawl at the Surinamese Parlement several years ago and he’s currently wanted in the Netherlands thanks to a cocaine smuggling conviction.

Ross Tweeted about his visit to Suriname earlier in the week and even stated that he was surrounded by “cool and powerful people.”

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