Not one to shy away from giving his thoughts on politics, Harlem rapper Immortal Technique recently voiced his opinion on the United States’ current issues with North Korea. While speaking with Brooklyn Martino, the Viper Records emcee didn’t seem too concerned with North Korea and instead encouraged people to shift their focus to what China’s response may be.

“A war with North Korea would be over before Paid Dues was. Alright? I think people need to understand that. This posturing that they’re doing I feel that’s just the new regime trying to establish itself and using it as a foothold to try and get more food, more aid. Because they’re really like a crippled economy,” Immortal Technique explained. “But if they did go to war, I think we shouldn’t be worried so much about what North Korea’s gonna do. But about what role China will play in it.”

Recent reports from CNN state that North Korea has entered what they refer to as a “state of war” with South Korea and has made threats to “dissolve” the U.S. mainland.

On a lighter note, the rapper also spoke on his loss against Postaboy on 106 & Park’s “Freestyle Friday” segment over a decade ago.

“You know what’s so funny? Every single person that I’ve ever known that has seen something from back in the day at 106 & Park always reminds me of the curse. The 106 & Park curse,” said Technique. “They say if you go there and you’re losing and hated on, you’re gonna be successful. If you win the whole shit you’re most likely not gonna do a motherfuckin’ thing.”

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