This Wednesday (April 3) in the town of Boring, Oregon, vitaminwater® Uncapped’s #MakeBoringBrilliant campaign hopes to live up to its name. The marketing teams at vitaminwater® and College Humor have eyed up a town named Boring, for their concert series. In turn, with performances by Atlantic Records/Grand Hustle’s B.o.B and label-mates Santigold (f/k/a Santogold) and Matt & Kim, Boring will defy its name, featuring televised footage and recaps by Fuse.

The #MakeBoringBrilliant campaign solicits Twitter users to involve the hash-tag to state what they find boring. vitaminwater® and College Humor will then pursue a quest to find ways to transform the dull of the world into a part.

According to details, vitaminwater® and College Humor took Boring, Oregon and made it brilliant by: transforming a morning flag-raising into a real Heavy Metal concert, releasing a live dinosaur in the middle of town, the Red Apple Diner’s make-over into haute culinary couture with “le pomme rouge” and inviting Hip Hop star, B.o.B to the community planning meeting.

vitaminwater® released an additional statement regarding the event: 

“We all know how boring can strike anytime, anyplace. This year vitaminwater®, our sponsor, is on a mission to make all things boring brilliant. Its first stop, Boring, Oregon. On Wednesday, April 3rd, vitaminwater® will host “Brilliance Uncapped,” a huge concert event. The evening brings together some wildly diverse talent, including B.o.B, Santigold, Matt & Kim and Yung Skeeter. Just try to be bored with a lineup that amazingly eclectic. Brilliance Uncapped will air live at 9 PM EST on FUSE TV and also via livestream at, so be sure to tune in.” 

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