Long Island, New York’s R.A. The Rugged Man is a veteran in the game. He started off in the with a deal on Jive Records and eventually landed on Priority Records in the mid ’90s. During that time period of his career, R.A. says he was going through issues with his emotions, “breaking things” and “going crazy.” In a recent interview with The Combat Jack Show, R.A. explained what that time in his life was like and how Priority helped him cope. 

“When I was on Priority, I was trashing studios. I was breaking things. I was going crazy. I couldn’t finish songs. I was mentally ill. I was breaking shit up,” he explained. “The label finally said, ‘We’ll pay you to go get therapy. You need a therapist, man. You need something, or a psychiatrist. We’ll pay.’ I was like, ‘I’m not doing that.'” 

R.A. continued, adding that his father suggested the label use that money on prostitutes instead. He said the label “didn’t agree.”  

“So finally they said, ‘If you talk to this little Jewish lady once a week, we’ll give you $150 every time you go.’ So I’d make $600 a month going to see her.”

R.A. explained that he had a session where he cried after “a meltdown in the booth.” He noted that he was “more sensitive since that one meeting with her” and that he “got something out in that weird meeting.” 

The Rugged Man has not always been fond of labels. He has even been ordered off of a plane for wearing a shirt that read “Every Label Sucks Dick.” R.A. is prepping for an April 30 release of Legends Never Die. The album features artists including Brother Ali and Tech N9ne. The full interview from The Combat Jack Show can be heard below. 

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