Pontiac, Michigan duo Binary Star have released a new EP project in honor of their 15th anniversary. In 1998, the duo of One Be Lo and Senim Silla fomed to self-release Waterworld, an album they made for a reported $500. A year later, Subterraneous Records re-released the project Masters Of The Universe.

By the early ’00s, the group disbanded in pursuit of solo careers. One Be Lo would later sign with Fat Beats Records and throughout 2001-2012, released seven albums. Senim would release a 2007 solo album.

Spotted at PotHolesInMyBlog, Binary Star has now released a six-song album via their Bandcamp page. The album dropped yesterday (March 29).

One.Be.Lo released the following statement, which appeared at KevinNottingham.com:

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“We recognized that Binary Star is a product of environment and circumstances. We recorded the entire album in Pontiac Michigan, the place where it all started for us over 15 years ago. No sending verses via email, etc. One Be Lo and Senim Silla are Binary Star, so with these records we want to show the complete range, that’s why the solos are necessary. Also, I never emphasized that I made beats, but all that is about to change as well. Welcome to Binary Star.”

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