This Sunday (March 31), Battle Rap fans can expect a major release from URL/SMACK. This release will feature a highly anticipated and much-discussed battle between Queens, New York’s DNA and Harlem, New York’s K-Shine. The battle took place at URL’s recent “Unfinished Business” Battle Rap event, which was attended by Wyclef and Lil Cease.  

The trailer for the battle can be seen below. It features brief highlights from the match-up and a preview of some of the night’s surprises. 

The event was called “Unfinished Business” because this match-up was scheduled to take place in December of 2012 as part of “Armageddon,” an event that featured a late venue change and an eventual cancellation. Since then, URL has tried to organize the battles that were scheduled to take place on that card. JC and Yung Ill battled at a different venue that day and Tsu Surf and Conceited battled at a different venue that night. The Math Hoffa vs. Dose battle was also recently released after it was originally meant to take place at “Armageddon.” Aside from this K-Shine/DNA battle, “Unfinished Business” featured a battle between Lotta Zay and Tone Montana as well as a match-up between X-Factor and Goodz. 

DNA has discussed the outcome of his match-up with K-Shine and other battles that took place at “Unfinished Business.” He expressed his respect for K-Shine in a video clip. DNA felt he won round one and that round two was debatable. He also called K-Shine’s third round “incredible” and said it was “the best round anybody ever spit to me.” He acknowledged that he may have lost “live,” taking crowd reaction into the decision. However, he also said he thinks he won “on camera,” because he felt “the bars was goin’ over peoples’ heads.” His recap can be viewed below.

K-Shine has spoken about this as well. He felt DNA won the first round but said he took the second. Speaking of his third round, he explained that, “Niggas is saying it’s one of the best things that’s happened in Battle Rap…This round was so crazy, creative [and] different.” The K-Shine recap can be seen below, courtesy of No Mercy.

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