The Roots’ next studio album may still be a ways off, but according to Black Thought steps are being made to craft the group’s next LP. While speaking with Hard Knock TV, The Roots’ emcee revealed that there’s about 10 compositions he’s currently chosen to work on for the album.

“The next album, we’re not that deep into it as far as having stuff recorded. There are about less than 10 musical compositions that I’ve kind of already chosen to write to,” Black Thought explained in a video posted on “When we’re writing to the music that’s gonna be on The Roots album, it’s not just me writing verses. There’s Dice Raw who’s kind of like my writing partner and co-producer. And there’s P.O.R.N. and Truck North and STS, it’s like a whole kind of slew of emcees and vocalists who kind of get the music as we select it. It’s a virtual competition to see who comes up with the best concept. Whatever fits the whole composition best.”

With MTV’s “Hottest MC’s In The Game” list still very much a topic of conversation in the Hip Hop community, Black Thought was also asked to give his thoughts on the much debated list. The rapper didn’t offer up much of an opinion on the actual list, but did instead speak on there being artists out there who have caught his attention.

“I’m not really too hung up on the rappers of the moment. It’s a lot of nice dude who are doing really good stuff around here. And I’m able to appreciate what everybody’s doing. I’m one of the five hottest ever, of all time, so that’s where I’m at with it,” said Black Thought.

Black Thought also rattled off the list of rappers he believes are the best in the game and they include Kool G Rap, Rakim, Chuck D, KRS-One, and Big Daddy Kane.

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