King of the Dot is preparing for “Vengeance 2,” their next Battle Rap event, which will take place on Saturday (March 23) in Toronto, Canada. Yesterday (March 21), KOTD representative Lush One spoke with HipHopDX to talk about the battles fans can anticipate and how this event will bring different styles together for a “really exciting” evening. 

Lush One Explains Differences Between SMACK/URL & KOTD

The headline match-up will feature SMACK/URL fixture and  Charlie Clips from Harlem, New York against one of King of the Dot’s most notable emcees, Hollohan from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. When asked about the stylistic differences between the Ultimate Rap League and KOTD, Lush explained that this is what can make “Vengeance 2” thrilling for Battle Rap audiences. 

“Overall, what I see is that URL tends to obviously focus on the more street elements of battling and the gun clapping aspect but really, I feel that you can find that within King of the Dot as well, except that’s not the only niche that King of the Dot covers. It’s a little bit of a broader spectrum. However, I will say that SMACK/URL has that style completely on lock to where, beyond a shadow of a doubt, they have that mastered. It’s more like these matches are cross promotion for everybody. [They are] style clashes and just different emcees with different rhymes competing and seeing who’s nastier. That’s really what it is. It’s creating an opportunity for dream matches of emcees that would normally never be in the same area, getting a chance to go at it. That’s what’s really exciting to me.” 

Lush One Previews D.N.A. Vs. The Saurus At “Vengeance 2” 

Another one of these “style clashes” comes with D.N.A. vs. The Saurus. D.N.A. earned most of his acclaim in the Ultimate Rap League battling the likes of E. Ness, Big T and most recently, K-Shine. 

“D.N.A. is an incredibly dangerous spitter,” Lush explained. “He is, pretty much, along with Dizaster and a few others, the embodiment of this new era and the prototype of the new era Battle emcee and what it takes to be a well-rounded spitter. He’s got the bars. He’s got the punchlines. He’s got the crowd control. But what adds to his versatility is his adaptability and his freestyle game and his ability to flip rebuttals in a really engaging and clever manner that is going to catch people off guard. Basically, what I see in D.N.A. is that he reminds me of Hollow [Da Don]. It’s kind of like [they’re] Fresh Coast style battlers with a New York edge and a New York style to them. Their whole steez is East Coast Smack rapper but they have all the elements that have made up the classic Fresh Coast spitters already in them. It’s really not as much out of the lane as you would expect. D.N.A., just like Diz[aster] and just like Hollow, can go anywhere to battle anyone.”

D.N.A.’s opponent for “Vengeance 2” is The Saurus, a seasoned veteran of the “Fresh Coast,” a nickname given to West Coast Battle Rap scene.

“What you see with The Saurus is a guy who people think has already reached his peak a long time ago but continues to evolve and set precedents and redefine a style that he completely created that has been bitten by everyone. He continues to push himself to see how far he can go with it. So it’s almost like two mothafuckers battling themselves,” he added. “The difference in their style is in their approach to how they basically spit and their whole energy and aura that they carry with them. But the way that their minds work is more similar than people realize.” 

One of this year’s headliners, Hollohan, battled at KOTD’s first “Vengeance,” an event that was co-hosted by Raekwon. The last major King of the Dot event, “Blackout 3,” was co-hosted by Drake. King of the Dot’s “Vengeance 2” event will be held on Saturday (March 23) at The Guvernment in Toronto, Canada. Fans can purchase tickets to the event or view it from home via KOTD’s Ustream channel. The event’s trailer can be viewed below with a preview of the battles that will take place. 

Photography by Tanya O Photo.

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