New York City rapper Jean Grae provided an unsurprisingly humorous take on Beyonce’s Hit-Boy produced number “Bow Down” as she jokingly suggested hopping on a remixed version of the record titled “Bow Down Motherfuckin Cock-Suckin Bitches, Dammit” during an interview with Sway of Sway In The Morning earlier today, March 21st.

The rapstress spoke on Beyonce’s newly-released record when asked if her ties with conscious rappers would ever keep her from releasing such a song.

“I think they would be fine with it,” said Grae in a video posted on “I think before, sort of social networking and social media, I think the perception of me was kind of that I was a conscious rapper. I was like that’s not necessarily it. These are my friends and my colleagues and my peers, but we don’t talk about the same thing. And I have a lot of really violent records and I tend to curse a lot…My record would probably be ‘Bow Down Motherfuckin Cock-Suckin Bitches.’”

Jean Grae later spoke on the title of her upcoming album Cake Or Death and revealed that its title was inspired by a joke from comedian Eddie Izzard.

“It’s kind of a take on a joke. I’m a huge fan of standup comedians and Eddie Izzard is actually one of my favorites,” the rapper explained. “And it’s from – he did this joke about the Church Of England and the kind of choices they get, like cake or death…For me it had many layers of meaning, sort of like a cake. That kind of choosing between what kind of music I wanted to make. Did I want to sweeten it up or was I going to keep it true to my sort of grimier kind of roots.”

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