Early this morning (March 21), seven people were injured by gunfire at Chicago, Illinois’ Mr. G’s Entertainment Center. The Southside venue was playing host to an album release party, and performances by local sensations Lil Mouse and King Samson. At least one gunman has been reported to have began firing after a fight broke out. According to The Chicago Tribune, police are investigating additional suspects. There were no fatalities reported.

Five of the reported seven victims, with ages ranging between 21 and 36, were hospitalized after the event. On behalf of King Samson, the rapper’s manager, Justin Lewis, released the following statement: “[King Samson] does not promote violence, we fight against violence.” Lewis added that the artist was encouraging a united, peaceful Chicago, and arrived and left from the event, following his performance.

The Tribune added that previously, Lil Mouse, as a 13 year-old, had been nationally recognized for appearing in a video brandishing a gun. The video, “Get Smoked,” approached 3 million views on YouTube. Mouse or his management have yet to release a statement.