Detroit rapper and Slaughterhouse member Royce Da 5’9 didn’t seem incredibly eager to share his opinion on the brawl that occurred between rappers Consequence and Joe Budden last week. While appearing on C.O.B. Radio alongside the show’s host and fellow Slaughterhouse rapper Crooked I, Royce did manage to offer up his thoughts on a fight he says at this point is still “alleged.”

“I was out of town when it happened. I knew he was going to tape the finale show. I didn’t know drama was gonna happen. It wasn’t planned,” said Royce in a video posted on “When I heard about what Consequence allegedly did I wasn’t there. The first thing I thought of, you know, I probably would have looked at it differently had I been there…Joey’s a grown man, he can handle himself. And he handled it how he wanted to handle it. And as far as I know everything is alleged.”

Royce also commented on the video of the post-reunion show brawl, but like many viewers was unable to decipher what exactly was going on.

“I did see the video, but I couldn’t tell what was going on. The only thing that was certain after I watched the video was that somebody tried to hurt Consequence…I didn’t see who did it or nothing,” he explained.

Following numerous interviews and even a one-on-one conversation, the tension between Joe Budden and Consequence hit a breaking point early last week as both rappers reportedly took part in a physical altercation during the taping of the Love & Hip Hop reunion show.

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