B.o.B’s third studio album may currently be without a title, but that doesn’t mean the Grand Hustle rapper doesn’t have an idea of where his latest project is headed musically.

While speaking with MTV News, B.o.B referred to his third album as a refined version of “the whole scope of a B.o.B project” and commented on his music being heavily influenced by his life experiences, which include being placed in the spotlight at a young age and the occasional partying.

“Musically, really, I think it’s really what you would expect from the whole scope of a B.o.B project, but just more refined,” B.o.B explained in a video posted on 2DopeBoyz.com. “As time goes on, you know I’m getting older, but at the same time I’m 24. I’m still young, I like to party. So I think a lot of my experiences, just really growing up in the spotlight and just being a man and just enjoying life are reflected in my work.”

The Atlanta rapper went on to comment on his seemingly never-ending work ethic, one that continues even when he’s outside of the studio.

“Man, I’m producing right now. I’m already making beats in my head, writing verses, all of that. I think really when you kind of take on a lot you really push yourself to perform at an optimal level because of the fact you can’t waste any time and you’re more efficient with everything,” said B.o.B.

During his interview with MTV News, B.o.B also encouraged fans to Tweet their album title ideas to him using the hashtag #ThirdAlbum.

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