Providing his voice on some of the hottest songs on the radio today, Dungeon Family’s own Sleepy Brown is hoping his grown and sexy attitude keeps him at the top. Singing on Big Boi’s hit song “The Way You Move” was only the beginning for Patrick “Sleepy” Brown as he makes the transition from producer to hip-hop crooner.

One third of the hit making group Organized Noise, Sleepy has been behind some of hip-hop’s biggest hits by such artists as Outkast, TLC, Goodie Mob and Ludacris. Hoping to take advantage of his time in the spotlight with his hit song “I Can’t Wait”, Sleepy is more than ready to drop his second album “For the Grown and Sexy” on June 1st. “I was just waiting for my time to come. Now the window has come, I’m climbing through it. Everybody is getting older and things are getting more sophisticated. It’s no longer all about the jerseys. Brothers are keeping it hip-hop with suit jackets and nice shirts. The fact that it’s moving to a whole new level is cool and something I want to tap into. I see a time coming when people want to be a little more adult and a little more stylish.”