With his Ponzi Scheme mixtape now behind him thanks to its release earlier in the week, Atlanta-based producer Bangladesh is now focused on his solo album, Flowers & Candy. The beatsmith let loose a few details on the project he considers a “personal album” during an exclusive interview with HipHop-n-More.com.

Among the specifics Bangladesh shared were the names of the artists that will be featured on Flowers & Candy, they include Kendrick Lamar, 2 Chainz, Game, and Ice Cube.

“I got two features from Kendrick on the album. Then I got Ice Cube on the same song with Kendrick. Oh I actually got Game, Kendrick and Ice Cube on a song. Then I got Kendrick on another song with my artist Fast Life. 2 Chainz will be there. I don’t have too many, it’s a personal album,” Bangladesh explained.

The producer also officially closed the door on any issues he’s had in the past with Cash Money Records.

“Yeah, everything is resolved now,” said the producer when asked if his payment issues with the label had been resolved. “Everything is cool. The situation has changed now. Royalties are being paid out, we good.”

Ponzi Scheme was released on March 13th and is currently available for stream/download.

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