The alliance between Drake and King of the Dot has been a focal point of discussion since his first appearance alongside KOTD’s founder/CEO, Organik. Most recently, Drake made headlines by co-hosting Blackout 3, a battle event put together by King of the Dot in Toronto, Canada. One of the battles he co-hosted was released earlier this month, a controversial battle between Dizaster and Arcane. On Monday, KOTD released Math Hoffa versus Pat Stay, the latest battle in the Blackout 3 series, another battle co-hosted by Drizzy. 

Not only did Drake co-host the battle, he also co-signed the league. Stepping toward the camera to introduce himself, Drake shared his loyalty to the KOTD brand. 

“I’m forever reppin’ the greatest battle league in the world,” he says in the battle introduction, before adding a hint of hometown pride. “Right here in mothafuckin’ Toronto.”

Organik Discusses Drake’s Support, Says He’s “Huge Supporter” Of Battle Rap

The night of the battle’s release, Organik, KOTD’s founder and CEO, discussed Drake’s support for the company, a company Organik started from the bottom.

“It’s a great feeling,” Organik told HipHopDX about the support the League has received from the Young Money emcee. “Drake is a huge supporter of KOTD and the battle movement as a whole. It’s an honor to have someone in his position reach and show as much support as he does. He’s a very humble dude who really puts on for Toronto.” 

Organik also puts on for “the battle movement as a whole,” often uniting rappers from various Battle Rap leagues from around the world. 

“The goal of unifying the battle world as a whole is always in mind,” he said, when asked about creating unity through Battle Rap. “We run an anniversary event every summer called World Domination where we bring in the best battlers from all across the world. Usually we have 9-10 countries involved.” 

Organik Explains Pat Stay Versus Math Hoffa & Hollohan Versus Charlie Clips

The unity comes across in the latest battle from KOTD, a battle between Canada’s Pat Stay and New York’s Math Hoffa. Though both men come from different parts of the world, they have some things in common. Perhaps the same can be said for Canadian Hollohan and New Yorker Charlie Clips. According to Organik, these are match-ups made with the fans in mind, match-ups they want to see. 

“They’re just match-ups I personally wanted to make happen for different reasons. Pat and Math are two people from two different backgrounds in Battle Rap, yet they share a lot of the same traits. They are known ‘bullies’ in their [respective] markets. My main goal is to put together the match-ups the fans want to see. That’s always the main goal. We’re nothing without the fans so I always aim to satisfy their entertainment needs.” 

Organik Clarifies Stance On Controversy Surrounding Dizaster & Arcane Battle 

With that in mind, Organik is also working to ensure that Battle Rap fans get clarity out of the controversy that surrounded KOTD’s title match between Dizaster and Arcane. According to Organik, a potential match-up could be in the works. 

“It’s very rare case where emcees have more to say to each other after the battle than before. It’s hard to lay punishment when there were no rules written. Plus, given the circumstances on the matter, it’s still a ‘he say, she say’ matter,” he said before adding, “No pun intended,” referring to the line Dizaster dropped in the battle.  

More clarity will come in time. KOTD will be releasing a statement on the battle soon but Organik did share some insight with HipHopDX.

“We will be releasing a statement soon regarding the rules for future KOTD match ups. But as of right now it’s a very sketchy situation where both emcees have shown documents to prove [their] guilt/innocence.”

He continued, adding that “a rematch makes the most sense.” He also expalined that “a battle with less drama to decide who is the real champion” would be great for fans to see. 

An official word on this will be revealed at a later time. HipHopDX will update the story as it develops. The Pat Stay/Math Hoffa battle can be viewed below, courtesy of King of the Dot

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