New York City’s own DJ Whoo Kid quickly became the topic of conversation in the social medial world when a picture showing the DJ being arrested made its way onto the internet yesterday (January 31) via Instagram. The validity of the picture was questioned by many and while speaking exclusively with, DJ Whoo Kid confirmed that the picture is in fact real and he was arrested yesterday due to a suspended driver’s license and numerous traffic tickets.

On top of confirming the arrest, DJ Whoo Kid also went on to break down what exactly led to him being pulled over near the G-Unit offices in Manhattan.

“I went to the G-Unit offices to have a meeting for some VH1 shit,” DJ Whoo Kid explained to “When I was leaving the meeting, I was on my way to interview A$AP Ferg [at Shade 45]. I had to go up 40th St and I’m getting the phone calls to make sure I’m getting to Shade. I looked at my phone to see who was calling me and a cop thought I was texting. So he pulled me over. It’s the 31st [of January] so it’s their quota. Once they saw I had nine suspensions, I had my boy from the office come take my car and that’s when [the police] took me.”

Although DJ Whoo Kid was held in jail for less than 24 hours, he did miss out on an interview with A$AP Ferg and an appearance on 106 & Park. Despite the missed opportunities, he did manage to maintain a humorous outlook on the arrest.

“Other than that man, I’m just trying to stay out of jail for some bullshit. I think I got street cred, yo. Come on 19 hours? Nine suspensions kid,” DJ Whoo Kid questioned. “I’m bigger than Rick Ross right now.”

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