Last July, Lord Finesse filed a staggering $10 million lawsuit against Mac Miller for using the beat for “Hip 2 Da Game” without his permission. After going back and forth in the media over the next six months, the two finally decided to settle their legal issues in December. The terms have not been disclosed.

Breaking his silence on the matter, the D.I.T.C. member said that he has no ill will towards the Rostrum Records signee and that the media made the situation bigger than it actually was.

“I don’t have no beef with Mac,” he told Fuse. “I think Mac is a cool dude. But [the lawsuit] became a lightning rod and people made it more than what it really was. It’s just the way the media makes it look. At this point, I just want to move forward and I wish Mac the best moving forward.

“I’m just glad that it’s over and I’m definitely relieved that we moved past this,” he continued. “From day one, I never looked publicly to use this for attention and I purposely never talked about this from the beginning. This will be the only time I speak on this.”

Miller also spoke on the subject, echoing previous statements that he wants to collaborate with Finesse. “I think that that’s something that I always wanted, so I’m not going to let anything get in the way of that,” said Mac. “I still want to do a record with him. After everything was settled and closed, we spoke and exchanged some text messages of relief.”

Finesse said that there’s a possibility of collaborating, but not in the near future. “It’s something that I could see as a possibility further down the line,” he said.

The Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania rapper isn’t in the legal clear. Yesterday (January 31st), Donald Trump threatened to sue Miller for titling his gold-certified single “Donald Trump.”

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