The feud between Joey Bada$$ & Lil B is heating up. Lil B fired the first shot with “I’m the Bada$$,” a diss record released this week. Now, Bada$$ has responded with his own diss track.

Joey’s response comes on “Don’t Quit Your Day Job,” a track that samples Janet Jackson’s “That’s the Way Love Goes.” Joey later tweeted about the track and his issues with Lil B, saying that he “caught a body” with his diss record.

The feud was sparked recently when Bada$$ quoted his late friend Capital STEEZ’s rhyme, telling Lil B not to quit his day job. The problems continued when Lil B released “I’m the Bad A$$,” saying, “If you really think you’re a Bada$$, I’ll turn you into trash.” For now, Bada$$ has said that he is “done with the topic.” 

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