Mannie Fresh has long been a staple of the New Orleans music scene, so it’s no surprise that he’s involved in a documentary regarding one of New Orleans most enduring musical traditions: Bounce Music.

“Most people who come to New Orleans, the first time they hear it, they embrace it. They like, ‘What the hell is that?'” said Mannie Fresh of the musical sub-genre, which is a call-and-response style of Hip Hop that often mixes two beats: the “Triggerman Beat” and the “Brown Beat.”

“Then you see how people react to it at a party, and you already hooked on it. You got the crowd so hype,” he added.

“Bounce Music would be the essence of Hip Hop… It’s really just raw beats and response,” explained Fresh. “Most [Bounce] artists will sell their own tape, their own merchandise, all of that.”

Watch the documentary below:

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