Notorious B.I.G.’s “Suicidal Thoughts” may arguably be one of the most prominent tracks on the late rapper’s debut album, Ready To Die, but according to Lord Finesse, he was a little leery of what Biggie had in store for the beat which he produced.

During Fuse’s Crate Diggers segment, Lord Finesse shared the details of his interactions with Biggie and the initial shock he felt after being informed that his beat was used on Ready To Die’s closing song, “Suicidal Thoughts.”

“When I heard this dude, it started with the ‘Party & Bullshit’ remix. When I had a chance to really hear this dude flow I knew he was exceptional then. Just his flow, ’cause it just bounced all over and it came back on beat. I’m playing him beats and he picks this just God-forsaken, don’t-let-me-catch-you-in-the-alley beat. I’m like, ‘What you gonna do with that?’…As a producer I don’t wanna just sell you a beat to make a dollar. I want to make sure you gonna do something incredible with it and I never heard the record until it came out. And when I heard it it was just like crazy. I just remember somebody telling me ‘Yo, your joint made the album’…It actually closes the album. I was shocked.”

Later in the interview, Lord Finesse went on to speak on his collection of about 10,000 records, a collection that he says has been referred to as the “low-fat collection” due to the accuracy of his various records.

Lord Finesse made headlines last year after suing rapper Mac Miller over “Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza,” featured on the Rostrum Records artist’s K.I.D.S. mixtape. A settlement was reached in the lawsuit earlier this month.

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