Future recently dropped his F.B.G. The Movie mixtape, touting the collaboration “Fo Real” with Drake. During an interview with Civil TV, the Atlanta, Georgia rapper said that he actually recorded two duets with Drizzy and that he ended up saving one of them for his upcoming sophomore album Future Hendrix.

“It’s off the mixtape, because I also have a record that’s for my album that I really wanted to be on my album,” he said. “I just had it sitting aside for the album. It was another record, so I didn’t want to have two records with him on the album. I know this other record is in a whole other lane, it’s a lane-changer.”

He also fielded a question about whether or not he would work with Drake on something more substantial, along the lines of an EP or mixtape. The “Turn On the Lights” rapper said that they would need to block off time in their schedules to record something of that nature, but that it’s a possibility,

“Man, we was in the studio one time just talkinga bout the K-Ci & JoJo album,” he said. “But besides that, when we’re in the studio, we in the zone. Me and dude be in the super zone. We be on the same page. You could turn on the beat and we just find ways to build from it, and we just trying to find time to make it happen and squeeze it in there.”

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