For a long time, any mention of Vado often came with a mention of Cam’Ron. That has somewhat changed over time, even sparking rumors of a beef between the two. The Dipset affiliate recently spoke with DJ Whoo Kid about his relationship with Cam and why he is stepping out on his own. He also talked about how the Dipset doesn’t really see each other outside of Dipset concerts or rehearsals.

In discussing Cam, Vado had positive things to say. 

“He gives you the opportunity to grow,” he explained. Plus he on his third decade. He makes sure he tells me every chance. He makes sure he tells me that every time.”

Vado also explained how Cam wants him to step out on his own now.

“[He says] ‘You gotta grind. You gotta step up. I’m on my third decade. I can’t keep doin’ shit for you.’ In other words, ‘I can’t keep babying you. You gotta take it there. Everybody know you good. The vouch is good. Run with it. I put you there. Now run with it,'” he shared.   

Vado also spoke on how close the Dipset is, saying they only see each other in rehearsals or concerts but said that it’s because everyone in Dipset is a boss.

“Dipset concerts…I mean, like, you know, in rehearsals,” he said when asked about how often the Dipset crew is together. 

“Everybody is bosses,” he clarified. “They got they thing. They doin’ they own thing. They got they own things goin’ on. So we can only get up when it’s scheduled.” 

Vado is currently working with Lloyd Banks & others. More from the interview can be seen below. 

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