This upcoming June 2013 marks the 25th anniversary of the release of Big Daddy Kane’s seminal debut album Long Live the Kane. Now, in a recent interview with Complex, Kane retraces the steps of his career and revisits one of his former proteges. 

Kane first discussed his relationship with fellow Brooklynite and former protege Jay-Z. He said that’s proud to see his “Show and Prove” partner has become so successful and praised his ability on the mic.

“I’m happy for him. I’ve always thought that dude was a good rapper and always wanted to see him achieve the best and he has,” said Kane.

Kane also dicussed his place as one of the two Brooklyn representatives in the predominantly Queens-bred Juice Crew. He said that he always tried to do justice to Brooklyn while with the Juice Crew, but nowadays, however, he doesn’t even recognize what Brooklyn’s become.

“In the beginning there was awkwardness, because me and Shan didn’t necessarily get along and Mr. Magic was kind of funny towards me. But eventually we were all close and good friends. I definitely wanted to rep Brooklyn, because pretty much all of them were reppin’ Queens…[but Brooklyn’s] mad different. When people ask me would I move back, I say, ‘What for?’ All my memories are gone. It’s not like I can go to the Empire and put my feet up on the back of someone else’s seat so the rats don’t run across my feet. It’s not like I can go see great kung fu flicks on The Deuce for $1.50…I go there now and an old movie theater will end up being an organic shop or Blimpie’s will end up being a Starbucks.”

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