Danny Brown & Noah D – “Blunt After Blunt Remix”

Danny Brown’s original song “Blunt After Blunt” was a pretty rugged track given the playfulness of Brown. I’ve been a huge advocate of this toothless wonder for a while now, but the aforementioned cut didn’t really resonate with me as much as his other releases. This week, when Noah D dropped his remix for the Brown track, a whole other dimension was added. The song went from some basement style mid-’90s sounding track about blunts to Electro-fied madness, leaning more on a psychotropic feel than straight boom-bap. Sure, there are Hip Hop purists who scoff at this kind of sonic twisting in Rap. I am not one of those people. This remix brought life to a song I had basically forgotten, yet now I’ll be bumping like it’s brand new. – Kathy Iandoli (@kath3000)

Listen to “Blunt After Blunt Remix” by Danny Brown & Noah D

Quelle Chris featuring Denmark Vessey – “Rappin Ass”

Aceyalone’s “Rappers Rappers Rappers,” Pack FM’s I Fucking Hate Rappers, Cenubites’ “You’re Late.” I love when rappers, particularly in the underground scene, criticize the over-saturation of their peers. This is the ire of many a Rap critic. Quelle Chris, one of my favorite movers and shakers of the scene – and a Mello Music Group artist did the latest with “Rappin Ass.” Quelle’s made his share of music, but he’s not one of these artists who floods inboxes and wastes words over jacked beats. Instead, accompanied by Detroit comrade Denmark Vessey on “Rappin Ass,” the L.A.-based pair rocks a House Shoes beat about their emcee peers that are about quantity over quality. Dusted and dusty, and something I completely co-sign. Mello’s special 7″ singles are very much in the image of Stones Throw’s Fan Club 45 series, and just as dope. – Jake Paine (@Citizen__Paine)

Listen to “Rappin Ass” by Quelle Chris featuring Denmark Vessey

Ill Bill – “Truth”

“Truth,” the latest leak off Ill Bill’s upcoming The Grimy Awards is yet further proof that he is one of Hip Hop’s most versatile emcees when it comes to both the subject matter addressed in his tracks and the comfort with whatever style of production is thrown his way. I love “Truth” because it serves as an Ill Bill highlight reel, jam-packing all the things he’s rhymed about over the years into a tight four minutes. Not only do we hear hints of the David Icke-meets-Coast To Coast AM conspiracy theory tracks (“Illuminati 666,” “Alien Workshop”) but also tracks that have blended memoir based rhymes with things like social commentary (“White Nigger”), dealing with grief and loss (“Narcos Corridos,” The Grimy Awards‘ previous leak “When I Die”) and something I can connect to – growing, up a Metal-head who wore out his South Of Heaven cassette, (“U.B.S.”).  “Truth” also reminds us that after the griminess of the DJ Muggs collaboration Kill Devil Hills or joining forces with Sepultura’s Igor Cavalera, Bill can still rock over soulful Pete Rock production like he did back in 2002 on Non Phixion’s “If You Got Love.” But don’t mistake “Truth” for some nostalgic throwback. The lyrics come from a matured voice, a proud father and student of Hip Hop able to blend scenes of cold violent planets with “the organic and natural, harvested from off the vine.”- Michael Sheehan

Listen to “Truth” by Ill Bill

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