Virgil “Young Turk” Tab Jr. of the Cash Money Millionaires has been arrested and faces charges of attempted murder. According to police, Turk shot at the two deputies while they were searching a Memphis apartment for drugs. In fact, Shelby County Sheriff Mark Luttrell said the officers came under fire as soon as they announced their arrival at the front door.

Both men were hit by shots, one deputy is in critical condition with wounds to the mouth, hip and leg and the other has been treated for a gunshot wound in his neck. They were at the apartment with a search warrant to look for heroin; Turk was one of three people inside.

Other than some marijuana and drug paraphernalia, no drugs were found in the apartment. So why was Turk so quick to start blasting you ask? Well, it turns out that he has a warrant for his arrest in New Orleans (probation violation), which may explain his reaction. Turk is currently being held with bail set at a million dollars.