In the final hours of 2012, HipHopDX is finishing our series with artists remembering 2012. With participation from Tech N9ne, Alchemist and Thurz, DX also spoke with Freeway. Fresh off of the release of his fourth studio solo album, Diamond In The Ruff, Freeway highlighted a moment that called back to the glory-days of Roc-A-Fella Records and muffled some blogosphere haters.

“Hands down my favorite moment of 2012 is when I got to perform at the Made In America [Festival] with Jay-Z, and we came out and did ‘What We Do,'” began Freezer. “And the reason why that was my favorite moment of 2012, well there are several reasons… First and foremost, the most important reason is, I got a chance to rock with my brother. You know it felt like old times, it just was great. It’s a great feeling, everybody was happy, it was in my hometown, the city loved it. They exploded when I came out you know and it just was a great feeling. The other reason why, is because when Jay came to do the actual announcement of the Made In America [festival], and he invited me to come to the press release and I was down there. They – you know when they came everybody was dressed in suits and everything, you know? I just went down there with some Jordans and a t-shirt on. So, when him and the Mayor [Michael Nutter] was taking pictures I had to like stand to the side. And like people like took a picture of me standing to the side with the picture of them, trying to make it seem like Jay didn’t fuck with me and they didn’t want me on stage and this and that. So, when we did the Made In America [Festival] it was just like, ‘A-ha-ha-ha, show y’all, y’all didn’t know what you was talking,'” explained Freeway with a hearty laugh.

Calling back to his 2003 hit single from Philadelphia Freeway, the emcee continued, “It felt just like, we didn’t miss a beat. It felt like we was on tour yesterday and we came out and did the songs today. That’s how it felt man, it was just a great feeling you know. If you watch the footage you can see Jay was extremely happy to perform the song with me and it just was a great feeling. And it’s history, you know, the song – we make timeless music. And here we are standing there ten years later performing one of my singles from my first album and the world still goes crazy for it. It’s just a great feeling.”

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